1 Player Secure Bitcoin Casino Vault

The 1 Player Secure Bitcoin Casino Vault is the most secure Bitcoin Casino Vault in the world.

Our Casino keeps all players bitcoin in off line 100% secure bitcoin casino vaults that only bonded key casino executives have access to. There are no online bitcoins in our network that could ever be open to so-called hackers.

Players bitcoin deposits into our network are immediately transferred out of our public casino wallets to our secure off line Bitcoin Casino Vault wallets.

Players accounts then get issued player chips that have no value outside of our casino. Player accounts only use our casino chips for live casino wagering. So when a player wishes to transfer their casino chips out of our casino and back into bitcoin, we can then transfer bitcoin to that player by retrieving the bitcoin from one of our numerous global bitcoin casino vault wallets that only bonded  key casino executives have access to.

This ensures the safest bitcoin casino vault system in the world of online gaming.

Our average withdraw payouts are processed within 12 hours.

Any and all use of this website and any games in the casino operated by this website are subject to the following TOS (Terms Of Service)

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