1 Player Casino Chips


Players in our members only Bitcoin Casino use 1 Player Casino Chips that area always valued at 1,000 Casino Chips to 1 Bitcoin Coin.

No matter what the the volatile market price of bitcoin does, one bitcoin is always worth 1,000 1 Player Casino Chips.

Historically bitcoin has had volatile price increases. The real value of bitcoin depends on three major fundamentals which are:

1. Increasing global user base

2. Users trust in bitcoin

3. Ability to use bitcoin to purchase goods and services.

The fact there will only be 22 Million bitcoin coins ever created (around 12 Million exist now) means as more and more companies and people use bitcoin the market value of bitcoin increases.

Currently due to many global corporations agreeing to ACCEPT BITCOIN who then immediately convert into old world fiat currencies bitcoin has recently dropped in value, but the overall value of bitcoin is still hundreds of times more than the original value of  a bitcoin.

The fact is MILLIONS OF PEOPLE now own bitcoin and new users of bitcoin can purchase bitcoin from many sources either locally or online, it’s very easy now to acquire bitcoin.

Once a person has bitcoin in an anonymous bitcoin wallet that person can anonymously use bitcoin to acquire almost any type of goods or service you can imagine and with major global companies now taking bitcoin it is now a new digital currency phenomena.

Bitcoin uses a global public ledger system to track creation and movement of every bitcoin ever created, yet the public ledger is completely anonymous.

Some highly visible sites that take bitcoin are known to the public so now the public can determine some of the ways bitcoin is being used and the vast majority of bitcoin transactions are now related to online gambling sites.

Bitcoin is simply the currency of online gambling and a gambler can now use their winnings to buy anything you can imagine with bitcoin and buy it anonymously.

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