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1 Player Poker Room
1 Player Poker Room


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Sports Book


We are an Elite Player Anonymous Bitcoin Casino.

We are the only REAL HIGH STAKES Bitcoin Casino on the Net.

We have High Stakes Poker Rooms and a High Stakes Sports Book.

Unlike other online casinos that cater to small stakes volume players, we have personal casino hosts or concierges assigned to each player and they arrange live poker games to that players needs and also to personally handle all large sports wagers our members place.

The Professional Personal Service from our well trained casino staff makes our players experience like that of an elite real world casino is what separates us from all over Bitcoin and Online Casinos in the world..

At 1 Player Casino you don’t have to look at low stakes tables all day waiting for someone or multiple players with wagering limits you are used to, our casino hosts KNOW OUR PLAYERS and arrange games for you to play in that meet your betting requirements.

Our Daily Tournaments have substantial payouts and are usually limited to a one table winner take all format, so daily tournament players can win a substantial sum in a small amount of time unlike other online tournaments that cater to low entry fees and large fields that make winning a tournament an arduous deal.

We also have the best player rewards or PERKS on the Net. Most of our members are from personal invitations of other members. They know who we are through our members and join our Network via Member Promo Codes that earn Players Rewards or Perks. Join today and start earning valuable Player Rewards or Perks from our Network.

We are an Internationally Chartered and recognized Bitcoin Casino. We hold multiple International Online Gaming Licenses issued by several international Gaming Associations. We are chartered out of the Cayman Islands.

All Player Bitcoins are kept in Anonymous and Secure Casino Bitcoin Vault Accounts that are not kept online and that are controlled by bonded key casino executives of our Casino. Our players only wager at the HIGHEST STAKES BITCOIN CASINO GAMES ON THE NET with our 1 Player Casino Chips that are 100% backed by our Secure Anonymous Casino Bitcoin Vault Accounts.

Approved Member Casino Players fund their Players Account only with anonymous Bitcoin Transfers which are 100% Anonymous and Secure. All player deposits are converted into 1 Player Casino Chips at the rate of 1,000 Casino Chips per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is our financial currency. The volatile market price of a Bitcoin coin is irrelevant to our Casino since any Bitcoin coin is always valued at 1,000 Player Chips. So when ever a Member buys new Casino Chips they always receive 1,000 Casino Chips per Bitcoin they transfer into our Secure Casino Bitcoin Vault. We have the most Secure Casino Bitcoin Vault of any Bitcoin Casino.

Players are free to withdraw their 1 Player Casino Chips at any time. Our average withdraw takes under 12 Hours to process. We have the FASTEST PAYOUTS ON THE NET.

JOIN our Bitcoin Casino and you will get a PLAYERS PROMO CODE to invite your friends and social media contacts. Our Players earn Perks from their Play as well as the Play of other Members that they bought into our Network with their own Players Promo Code.

If you think you are an Elite Level Casino Player you can submit a membership query on our Join Page. Make sure you use your PROMO CODE to get fast attention.

Elite Players have a personal casino host assigned to them and our elite player concierge.

We have the following Bitcoin Gambling action:

Live Bitcoin Poker Rooms

Bitcoin Sports Betting

Bitcoin Black Jack

Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin Craps

Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin Roulette

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