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New Members Registration

You use this page to start your Membership by creating a Members Account. You must register to this section of 1 Player so pick out a Member User Name and enter your eMail Address so a temporary  Password will be emailed to you.

We will send you two emails upon registration. One has a temporary password, upon signing in you will be on a page where you can customize info about yourself and mroe importantly CHANGE YOUR TEMPORARY PASSWORD.

Once you have created and verified a New User Account you can then transfer Bitcoin to our secure Bitcoin Casino Vault.

Upon verification of your Bitcoin transfer your Players Account will be activated for gaming and a personal casino host will be assigned to your account. Thanks for joining our exclusive Network. We look forward to treating you like the #1 Player in the world.


Any and all use of this website and any games in the casino operated by this website are subject to the following TOS (Terms Of Service)

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