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1 Player Casino

VIP Membership

The World’s Most Exclusive Online Casino

Become a member to the most exclusive online casino in the world.

The 1 Player Casino VIP Membership bypasses our normal JOIN or membership application process where most of our members are introduced to us by other members. Not everyone who tries to JOIN 1 Player is approved.

VIP Members have first shot at our hard to enter daily poker tournament tables and have a personal casino host assigned to them for their sports wagering.

The public that are not VIP Casino Members have a difficult time trying to enter our daily tournaments. Our poker room buy ins are for MEMBERS ONLY and usually new members need to buy in at $5,000 USD worth of Bitcoin to be approved for play in our casino.

This VIP Membership bypasses the usual strict approval process we have in our normal JOIN procedure in order to keep our casino for elite players and not the general public.

We cater to the elite gamblers in the world not the general public or lurkers that want to watch high rollers gamble.

1 Player Casino hosts the annual 10 seat 10 Million Dollar Poker Championship each year aboard a 100 foot yacht.

Each month we have a 10 seat 1 Million Dollar Poker Tournament and each week we have a 10 seat $100,000 Poker Tournament.

VIP Members have first shot at our daily poker tournaments that include 10 seat tournaments for $10,000 and $5,000 and $1,000 games.

VIP members also get private invites to 1 Player events around the world.

VIP members save 50% on 1 Player Gear including shirts and hats.

VIP Members are assigned a personal casino host/concierge to handle their poker game requests and all sports wagers.

VIP Members have a VIP Promo code to earn rewards from all new members they introduce to our casino.

VIP Members earn special player rewards for all their play.

This membership can be transferred and new owner of the membership is subject to our Terms Of Service (TOS).




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