If you don’t know what Bitcoin is where have you been? Bitcoin is the new anonymous international digital crypto currency of the world.

It is 100% secure and 100% anonymous.

If you don’t have Bitcoin, you need to setup an Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet and if you are an Elite level player (what a traditional casino calls a whale) you need to keep that Bitcoin Wallet on a laptop that is used for one thing only moving Bitcoin into and out of that wallet, then you will have a real secure Bitcoin Wallet that is 100% anonymous.

We have Elite Player casino hosts that can assist our Elite Players in locking down real secure Bitcoin Wallets and explain to the player how to back it up and secure it, if done right a bitcoin wallet can be more secure than any bank is.

The only reason anyone loses bitcoin is they have insecure programs on the computers they use regularly and a bitcoin wallet used on such an insecure computer is open to a potential security issue UNLESS YOU LOCK IT DOWN and do only one thing on that computer, so elite players have a special laptop that does one thing only, it moves bitcoin into and out of their anonyous bitcoin wallet.

We have the most secure Bitcoin Vault of any Bitcoin Casino because we have the top tech experts on staff and we understand the vulnerabilities of all technology. So our Bitcoin Wallets for our casino are not online and and the only chips that are online are our own Casino Chips and if any so-called hack of our casino occurred, having our Casino Bitcoin Vault seperate from our Casino Chips ensures that Bitcoin Casino Vault is 100% secure.

We also have numerous Bitcoin Casino Vaults to hold our players and our casino bitcoin in securely and the only personal that have access to our Bitcoin Casino Vault accounts are bonded key casino executives.

Elite Players have a personal casino host and can have very large bitcoin sums transferred with a real person they know from skype and such almost immediately.

Major movements of bitcoin are handled by Elite Player casino hosts and once the bitcoin has been anonymously transferred to our 100% secure Bitcoin Casino Vault accounts, the players Casino Chip account is immediately updated by the casino host to allow the Elite Player the most secure elite bitcoin gambling experience in the world.

Elite Players have special treatment at 1 Player. We have real casino hosts with decades of experience with major old world casinos that understand the needs of Elite Players.

How about a Private Pet to the Carribean to play in Private International Deep Water Tournaments on a 100 foot Yacht with models as the staff of the Yacht?

As we said, we cater to ELITE PLAYERS NEEDS.

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